Christian Peschken - Director of Photography - Film & Video Editor - Narrator - Producer - Correspondent
Christian Peschken (62), a German native, is a veteran in the Radio, Film & Television industry for over 30 years, with an extensive portfolio as executive producer in Hollywood, Calif. from 1994 to 2005, and 15 films produced (in the USA).
Chris Peschken in 1995 with 35mm Panaflex Camera on the set of Dilingr & Capone in Hollywood
Christian Peschken BIO Peschken in the late 80's at Panavision headquarter in Tarzana, CA Martin Sheen with Christian Peschken on the Set of Dillinger & Capone
Below: Selection of movies Executive Produced by Peschken with Roger Corman in 1995 and other films co-executive produced between 1996 and 2008 
Demolition Day w/ Martin Sheen, Rod Steiger Dillinger & Capone w/ Martin Sheen and F. Murray Abraham The Spy Within w/ Scott Glenn & Theresa Russell Suspect Device with C. Thomas Howell
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Max Havoc : Double Feature Double Cross w/ Bruce Boxleitner Heatstroke Wings of An Angel Watership Warrior w/ Matthias Hues & Brigitte Nielsen
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